Buri Nazar Se Bachne Ki Dua In Urdu

Buri Nazar Se Bachne Ki Dua In Urdu

Buri Nazar Se Bachne Ki Dua In Urdu , ” Today I am sharing with you a Dua to avoid and cure Evil Eye as Islam is the full and complete religion and it tells us the solution of our all the problems. It is commonly seen that in our localities there will the
persons who keep evil eye on the happiness of others and this evil eye may leads towards big problems
in our life.
Please say the following Dua to avoid Evil Eye 21 times and blow on the person you want to keep
prevented from evil eye.

Please note that to get success in every Wazifa you must perform the following things.
 Offer the prayer five times a day.
 Do not tell a lie
 Do not make fake promise with anyone
 Please take care of assets (Amanat) of others.

Buri Nazar sey bachnay ki dua (Hindi)

Aj hum apko aik esi dua batatay hain jisko parh ker ap buri nazar aur us k asraat sey bach saktay hain.
Islam aik mukamal deen hay aur hmain hamaray tmam masloo ka hal batata hay. Hamaray aas paas
bohat sey esay log hotay hain jo kisi ko khush nahi dekh saktay aur hasad kertay hain. Aur inhi logon ki
burin azar k asrat logon per atay hain.
Neechay dee gayee dua 21 mertaba perhni hay aur is k baad us per phoonk maar den jisko busi nazar
lagi hui ho. Insha Allah burin azar k asraat khatam ho jain gay.

Yaad rakhain k kisi b wazifa k kamyabi k lye neechay dee gayee cheezain zaroor kren.
 5 wakt ki namaz parhen
 Jhoot na bolain
 Wada khilafi nai kren
 Kisi ki amanat main khayanat nai kren

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