Dushman Ki Zuban Bandi Ka Taweez

Dushman Ki Zuban Bandi Ka Taweez

Dushman Ki Zuban Bandi Ka Taweez  , ” As Muslim parents, we constantly worry about the unseen harm that we know exists through our faith and is a real part of everyday life. These harms include the evil eye, jealousy and destructive envy
(hasad), devils, jinns and black magic. As parents we should trust our gut feeling when we feel
something unexplainable happens and there is no medical answer, however many of us fail to ask Allah
FIRST for His protection and mercy.
The Prophet (SAW) used to seek refuge with Allah for himself, and the greatest means of seeking
protection is reading the Book of Allah. The beautiful thing to know is that the entire Qur’an is Shifaa (a
cure), so read it often and strengthen your Iman insha Allah. It is also important to know that NO HARM
can affect us without the permission of Allah SWT, so we must bear in mind that the harm can also be a
trial for us, to bring us closer to our creator Insha Allah.
Say Ayatul Kursi to avoid yourself from your opponent.

Dushman Ki Zuban Bandi Ka Amal
Dushman Ki Zuban Bandi Ka Amal

Dushman Ki Zuban Bandi Ka Taweez (Hindi)

Beshak Allah SWT hi tmam kamo ka kerny wala hay aur us k hukam k bghair aik patta b nai hil sakta.
Ager ap kisi dushmen sey pareshan hain aur ap ko der hay k wo apko nuksaan ponchaye gay a apko
preshan krey gay ya apko ager apnay kisi dushmen ka pata nai b hay aur ap us sey hifazat chahtay hain
tu neechay dee gayee dua perhain, Insha Allah ap kay eh masla hal ho jaye ga aur Allah SWT her
dushmen sey apki hifazat fermayen gey.

Yaad rakhain k kisi b wazifa k kamyabi k lye neechay dee gayee cheezain zaroor kren.
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