Kisi Ki Narazgi Door Karne Ki Dua In Urdu

Kisi Ki Narazgi Door Karne Ki Dua In Urdu

Kisi Ki Narazgi Door Karne Ki Dua In Urdu , ” Most likely all the world is beneath the control of Allah SWT and all stuff distinguish Allah's will and even a leaf can't move if Allah don't need. However Allah sent the Prophets and Rasools to humanity for their
improvement and discovering that how we can spend life as per Allah's will. Islam is the entire religion
and have the arrangements of the considerable number of issues.
Kisi Ki Narazgi Door Karne Ki Dua ," if, despite everything that some person is angry with you paying little
respect to whatever the reason, endeavor to decide this issue, it is communicated in hadees that it isn't
passable to be perturbed more than 3 days.
So to make some individual your buddy and finish his shock early in the day and night introduce 21
times "Ya Maniu ", and blow on his back.
Please note that to get success in every Wazifa you must perform the following things.
 Offer the prayer five times a day.
 Do not tell a lie
 Do not make fake promise with anyone
 Please take care of assets (Amanat) of others.

Kisi ki narazgi door kernay ki dua (Hindi)

“Kisi ki narazgi door kernay ki dua” Ager koi shakhs ap sey naraz hay ya ghussa hay aur ap sey baat nai
kerta aur apko ehmiat nai deta tu hum apko aik esa wazifa batatay hain jis k kernay sey wo ap sey naraz
nai rahay ga. Kio k Hadees sharif main b hay k koi musalman kisi dosray sey 3 din sey ziada naraz na
Beshak Allah is Kainat ka khalik aur malik hay aur tmam kaam us k hukem sey hi hotay hain.
Tu ager koi ap sey naraz hay tu subah aur sham k wakt ap nay 21 mertabah “YA MANIU” perhna hay aur
phir uski traf munh ker k phoonk maar den jo ap sey naraz hay. Insha Allah apka jaiz maqsad pura ho
jaye ga.
Yaad rakhain k kisi b wazifa k kamyabi k lye neechay dee gayee cheezain zaroor kren.
 5 wakt ki namaz parhen
 Jhoot na bolain
 Wada khilafi nai kren
 Kisi ki amanat main khayanat nai kren

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