• Sat. Apr 1st, 2023
Apna pyar wapis pane ka wazifa In Urdu

Apna pyar wapis pane ka wazifa In Urdu , ” In today’s life we have seen the many examples of destroyed life due to failure in love. Either the person will be male or female if he/she do not get its love than he/she become nearly mad and in many cases
he/she attempts towards suicide. So if you are worried about to take your love and you have make
many wazifas but no outcome, here we are telling you a time tested wazifa. By doing it you can get
success in you purpose Insha Allah. Please one thing you have to keep in mind that Allah is loving 70
times then a mother to you and everything happen upon Allah’s will. So pray to Allah to do the things in
your favour.
Please note that you have to perform this Wazifa at Tahajjud time (before Fajar Prayer).
 First of all you have to take a new shower (Waddu).
 Offer two rakat Namaz e Tahajjud.
 After Tahajjud Namaz you sit there and say Durood-e-Taj 40 times (It will take approximately
one hour).
 After saying Durood-e-Taj you have to pray for your hajat.
 Do this wazifa continuously for 40 days.
It is time tested that if you do the above mentioned wazifa and offer the 5 times prayers daily then Allah
SWT give you your desire if it is in your favour. Always say prayer that Allah do those things for us which
are in our favour.

Apna pyaar wapis panay ka wazifa (Hindi)

Pyaar aur mohabbat main nakami k baad apni zindagi tabah ker lena aj kal bohat ziada ho gaya hay aur
chahay larka ho ya larki ager wo mohabbat main nakam ho jain tu pagal ho jatay hain bal k kuch log tu
khud kushi ker letay hain. Ager ap k sath b koi esa masla hay aur is mislay k hal k lye ap bohat sey wazifa
ker chukay hain tu aj hum apko aik esa wazifa batatay hain jis k kernay sey apki mushkil asan ho jaye gee
Insha Allah. Beshak Allah SWT apnay bando sey 70 Maa (mother) sey ziada pyaar kerta hay aur wohim
kerta hay Jo us k banday k haq main behter hota hay.
Yaad rakhain k yeh wazifa ap nay Tahajud ki wakt kerna hay (Fajar ki Azan sey pehlay).
 Sub sey pehlay ap nay pak saaf ho ker naya wazu kerna hay, ager ghussal ki hajat hey tu wo b ker
 Ab ap nay 2 rakat nafal namaz tahajud perhni hay
 Salam phernay k baad ap nay wahin beth ker 40 mertaba Durood-e-Taj Parhna hay (takreeban 1
ghanta lagay ga apko).
 Durood-e-Taj perhnay k baad ap nay apni hajat puri honay k lye dua kerni hay.
 Yeh Wazifa ap nay lagataar 40 din kerna hay aur is main koi break nai ani chahye.
Yeh wazifa barso sey azmaya hua hay. Ager ap yeh wazifa kren aur 5 wakt ki namaz parhen tu Allah apki
man ki muraad zaroor puri krey ga shirt yeh hay k ager wo muraad jaiz aur ap k haq main achee hay,
beshak Allah wohi kerta hay jo hamaray hak main achaa hota hay.

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