Shadi K liye Behtreen Wazifa Hindi

Shadi K liye Behtreen Wazifa Hindi ” aik esa wazifa hay jis k kernay sey apko bohat jald apnay jaiz maqsad main kamyabi mil jati hay aur bohat achee jagah per apka rishta ho jata hay Insha Allah. Ajkal waldain apnay
bachoo k rishtay k lye bohat preshan hain. Jahan zindagi main aur bohat sey masail hain wahin per yeh
bohat bara masla hay. Wajah chahay kuch b ho laykin achaa rishta milna bohat mushkil ho gaya hay. Aj
hum apko aik esa wazifa batatay hain jis k kernay sey apka yeh masla dino main hal ho jaye ga.
Yaad rakhain k kisi b wazifa ki kamyabi k lye zaruri hay k ap 5 wakt ki namaz parhain, jhoot nai bolain,
wada khilafi nai kren aur kisi ki amanat main khayanat na kren.
 Yeh wazifa ap nay Fajar ki namaz parhnay k baad kerna hay.
 Ager waadu hay tu theek werna dobara ker len
 Ap nay 300 mertabah Durood-e- Tanjina Parhna hay (apko 1:30 Hour lagay ga maximum)
 Durood-e- Tanjina 300 mertabah perhanay k baa dap nay apnay maqsad k lye dua kerni hay
 Yeh wazifa ap nay 40 din tek lagataar kerna hay without any break
Insha Allah apka jaiz maqsad pura ho jaye ga. Yaad rakhain ager 40 din sey pehlay apka kaam ho jaye tu
phir b yeh wazifa zaroor pura kerna hay.

Shadi K liye Behtreen Wazifa (English)

It has been frequently saw that blood relation are not receiving corresponding proposals for their
youngsters (Girls & Boys both). There may be the numerous causes for that but if you are not in receipt
of your drive from a long time and done many of wazifas and made your hard efforts and the objective is
not be done so here we tell you a wazifa which can slove your problem in days and you will get the
excellent and match able proposal for your loved one Insha Allah.
Please note that to get success in every Wazifa you must perform the following things. You have to offer
the prayer five times a day. Do not tell a lie. Do not make fake promise with anyone and please take care
of assets (Amanat) of others.
Perform the following wazifa and you will get your problem solved Insha Allah. Please note that you
have to perform this Wazifa after Fajar Prayer.
 Take a new shower (Waddu).
 Offer the Fajar prayer.
 Say Durood-e- Tanjina 300 times (It will take one and half hour)
 After saying Durood-e- Tanjina 300 times you have to pray for your purpose.
 Keep doing this Wazifa for 40 days without break and your problem will be solved Insha Allah.
Please note that you have to complete this wazifa for 40 days whether your objective may fulfilled
before this period.

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